It is with GREAT SATISFACTION that I recommend the Ramos Yard Maintenance to any prospective customers. We have used their services for several years now on a weekly basis and we honestly cannot say enough good about them. They are absolutely awesome in all of their work they perform each week. We have referred several friends to them and they too have been pleased once they started using their services. In fact, two people have stopped by and asked us about Ramos' work because they always thought our yard looked so neat and trim. Most importantly, I have had only three regularly scheduled workers here and we think of them as friends now. WE HAVE TOTAL TRUST IN THEM. In fact, occasionally when we are on vacation we leave keys to our shed with them in case they need anything we have stored there for the yard. Truly they work very hard and do MANY THINGS on their own initiative. We are constantly amazed at the many extra things they do without us making a request. A GREAT TEAM!!

BOB K. COLUMBIA CITY ______________________________________________________ After one too many arguments over whose turn it was to mow the lawn and also forgetting how and when the bushes need trimming, we decided to find a gardening service. The first one we hired showed up once and never returned! Then we saw a newspaper ad for RAMOS YARD MAINTENANCE and asked them to come over. That was about 8 years ago and they have been with us ever since. Their lawn and garden care is year round, all encompassing, and very well done. They mow, weed, feed, rake, blow, trim, cut, shape, and pamper our outdoor spaces extremely well and to our specs. We always get compliments on our yards. They even 'repaired' our front lawn after we had a gigantic aging tree removed. The men are friendly, knowledgeable, and cooperative as well as very experienced. My husband and I would and have recommended the RAMOS YARD MAINTENANCE to anyone.

Sari & Denis S. _______________________________________________________ Until health issues got the best of me, I have always had a passion for my yard and have always done my own yard maintenance. Contracting with Ramos Yard Service is the best decision I have ever made. They go over and beyond what I had hoped for. Other than the normal duties of mowing and trimming the lawn...they trim all shrubs, take out annual plants that die and when they leave, my yard looks like it should be in a magazine. Great job to a great bunch of guys. This time of year is especially hard on them with all the leaves, but have never heard any of them complain and are always on time every week. Thank you Ramos!!!

Ken Gray ______________________________________________________ Never in the history of our company has our lot and grounds looked so nice. We were fortunate enough to engage Ramos Yard Maintenance about a year ago. They are fast, friendly, and do an amazing job. They are in and out very fast, never disturbing our business for a second. Your hard work is appreciated every time we look outside. Thanks to them our building always has a tidy and professional appearance.

Colleen O. _______________________________________________________ Ramos does a great consistent job and our yard looks wonderful---they trim and edge and fertilize whenever we need anything – they carry away my garden debris and even rake my paths. We could not be more satisfied! Terry D. ______________________________________________________ I highly recommend the guys at Ramos Yard Maintenance! They have been making my yard beautiful for about 3 years now. They NEVER miss coming regardless of the weather!!! Everyone who sees my yard loves what they see. The guys are always one step ahead of me & get things done before I even think about it. In the deep winter months they never fail to find projects around the yard that need attention & it's always a pleasure to come home on the day they've been here to see how wonderful everything looks. Having the Ramos crew maintain my yard is a luxury I would find hard to be without!!!

Joanne H. ______________________________________________________ My experience with Ramos Yard Maintenance has been 100% favorable. They are professional, timely and I 'receive many comments regarding the upkeep by Ramos. I always feel comfortable recommending them! I know they will do an excellent job!!!

Sharon J. ______________________________________________________ I have always appreciated the service that I have received from Ramos. Whenever I have asked for anything to be done, the employees are always happy to help. The crew is reliable, efficient, and always have a smile. Thank you for providing such great service.

Sandy C. ______________________________________________________ We have been using Ramos 'Maintenance' for several years now. Whatever we need done, they can do it. They give us a fare estimate for work we need done, they are punctual and are very hard working. Everything they do, they do it right the first time. I was the president of the Scappoose Garden Club last year, so I have many special plantings in my garden. The Ramos crew is always very careful when working around my flowers and shrubs. They also always clean up afterwards.

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas _______________________________________________________ Ramos' Yard Maintenance provides great value for money. They deliver more than what is promised with friendly and courteous service. I would recommend them to anyone.

Deb ______________________________________________________ Very pleased with the professional service we receive from Ramos'! They constantly perform an excellent service!

Mel and Bev

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