Our Story


It all started with two brothers who had a dream. Enrique and Miguel wanted to make a better life for themselves, their families and their future. With the help of their other brother Efrain, they started out small and advanced in their training and knowledge as the years went on. Enrique was already married at the time, and his wife Gretchen did all the bookkeeping, scheduling and really laid out the foundation for the business to be the success it continues to be today. For the last few years, she has enjoyed being a stay at home mom to three wonderful boys, and is now enjoying the opportunity to be getting more involved with the business again!


Their boys:

Alex, age 13, enjoys helping out the crews on some Saturdays, getting in his work experience young, and following in his dads footsteps!

Antonio, age 8, loves many different sports, and is constantly doing something to stay active and have fun!

Damian, age 3, is a wonderful bundle of joy, and is always laughing and playing with all the crews when they're around!

In February of 2013 Miguel got married! Angie has been the office manager for a couple of years now, and will continue to do so until they start a family of their own, as they are now expecting their first baby late July 2014! She looks forward to becomming a mommy and stepping back from the office for a bit :)
Over the years the guys have found some amazing employees, including a few close family members, and have had the opportunity to expand the business. With 4 crews at the ready, they are here to get your property looking great now, and throughout the entire year!

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